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Etuma’s text feedback categorization service lets you know what your customers are talking about, ranking feedback categories and sentiment in order of importance. This allows you to choose when to take action in acute cases. It also detects the sentiment per category, letting you know which aspects of your product, service or campaign are positive or negative. All this in real-time and in ten languages.

Our feedback categorization quickly uncovers the hidden opportunities residing in large amounts of text and presents them in a structurally and visually understandable way. Your customers may be looking for something you haven’t even thought of.

We combine linguistics and information technology with industry-specific knowledge in a real-time semantic analysis tool.

Finnair, Betsson, Posti, Thomas Cook, Nordic Morning, Promenade, Veikkaus and Yle


CustomerGauge is a software-as-a-service platform that helps clients improve customer experiences. The system automatically measures, analyses feedback and has close-loop tools to retain customers better, and reduce churn, all based on the industry standard metric Net Promoter System®. Results are published and analyzed in real-time, using highly customizable and flexible reporting tool making it ideal for global enterprises.

CustomerGauge has been embraced by businesses around the world, growing a global portfolio of B2B and B2C clients in six continents. Across the consumer electronics, fashion, financial services, medical and chemical industries, CustomerGauge has helped pioneer tools that deliver real-time feedback across the organization, and it has been among the first software platforms to segment customers based on hierarchy and lifetime value.

Electrolux, Philips, WoltersKluwer, AEGON, Ziggo, Tommy Hilfiger, Melitta, H&R Block and Alphabet/BMW.


Sweetspot Intelligence takes reports and dashboards to a new level, combining unbeatable flexibility, attractive visualizations, predictive modelling and the scalability features that only an enterprise-level solution can provide.

By integrating all of your business metrics, web analytics, campaigns and social media data in a single panel, Sweetspot gives you a unified vision of all your digital properties and general business performance.

Sweetspot’s dashboards are action-driven by nature, with charts and visualizations tied to best practices in data-driven performance-management, yet extremely powerful and compelling.

Shell, P&G, Santander, Vodafone, Red Bull and The Boston Globe



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Customer Alignment delivers improved existing customer experiences and create new ones that really can deliver - through engaged and inspired people - and an aligned organisation.

Everything we do, is rooted in 2 core beliefs or premises:

1. That the best experiences need to be deliberately created and designed - not left to chance. These end to end and consistent experiences need to be shaped around the whole organisation. Everyone positively or negatively impacts a customer's experience - whether visible to the customer or not and those experiences span functional silos

2. Relationships need to move beyond the rational and transactional and be founded on how a customer feels and the degree to which the brand emotionally engages and responds to their needs